GCSE Maths and Level 2 Further Maths: formulae sheets for 2023

Published: Friday 13 Jan 2023

Back in September 2022, the government confirmed that students should still get support in GCSE mathematics, physics and combined science with formulae and equations sheets. Ofqual launched a consultation on the plans for formulae and equations sheets in summer 2023. The consultation decisions can be found on their website.

For 2023 only, a formulae sheet will be provided in the exam for GCSE Maths and also for Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics. This means that students will be able to demonstrate their mathematical understanding without having to memorise formulae.

The formulae sheets for 2023 are the same ones which were used in the 2022 exams.

You can find the formulae sheets for GCSE Maths (Foundation and Higher tier) and Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics in 'Assessment resources' on our maths qualifications pages (also available in large print).

The formulae sheets can be used now for revision and exam practice, and will also be provided as an insert with every question paper in the exam.

Download our formulae sheets for GCSE Maths

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