Exam results day – what you need to know

Published: Tuesday 14 Jan 2020

Updated 15 December 2020 see the latest results day information

Good luck to everyone receiving their results this week. Here's some useful information to help get you through the day and what you need to know, covering everything from where to find grade boundaries, how to request a copy of a script or a review of marking and how to appeal a result.

When are results released?

Results are released on 16 January 2020. If you're a student, ask your school or college about exactly when and how you can collect your results. Don't call us – we can't give you your results or discuss them with you.

When are grade boundaries released?

Grade boundaries will be available on the AQA website from 6am on results day, 16 January 2020.

Who is the best person to speak to about my results?

The best person to speak to about your results is your teacher or exams officer. They will be able to talk to you about your result, grade boundaries, raw and UMS marks, and explain the process for requesting a review of marking or appealing a result.

Who else can I ask about results?

If you are really stuck you can always contact the AQA customer support service via email or twitter and we will try to help you where we can.

What are the deadline dates for requesting a copy of a script, review of marking request and appeals?

If you are unhappy with your result and wish to request copy of your script or a review of marking, these are the key dates:

Post results service Deadline date

Priority copy of marked paper (access to scripts) to decide next steps (other)

23 January 2020

Clerical re-check (service 1)
Review of marking (service 2)
Moderation review (service 3)

13 February 2020
Original marked paper (access to scripts) to support teaching and learning 20 February 2020

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