Appendix: international terminology

International terminology Terminology used previously
Financial statements
Appropriation account (partnerships) Profit and loss appropriation account
Cash and cash equivalents (limited companies) Cash in hand, cash at bank/bank overdraft
Financial statements Final accounts and balance sheets
Income statement Trading and profit and loss account
Inventory Stock
Irrecoverable debt Bad debt
Loss for year Net loss
Non-current assets Fixed assets
Non-current liabilities Long-term liabilities
Other payables Expenses due; income received in advance
Other receivables Expenses prepaid; income due
Profit for year Net profit
Revenue (within an income statement) Sales
Statement of financial position Balance sheet
Trade payables Trade creditors (creditors)
Trade receivables Trade debtors (debtors)
Accounting ratios
Expenses in relation to revenue % Expenses in relation to sales %
Profit to revenue % Net profit to sales %
Rate of inventory turnover Rate of stock turnover
Trade payable days Creditor payment period
Trade receivable days Debtor collection period