AS and A-level Computer Science and IT


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Why AQA AS and A-level Computer Science?

Like you, we are committed to ensuring that students obtain the results they deserve and are capable of with our AS and A-level Computer Science specifications:

  • The specifications have very clear, well-structured subject content.
  • Our exams include a variety of assessment styles to help students feel more confident and engage with the questions.
  • At A-level, the non-exam assessment is straightforward and designed to encourage students to do an investigative project on a topic of particular interest to them.
  • You’ll find these specifications suitable and appropriate for mixed ability classes.
  • We’ve helped to minimise the impact on classroom delivery, resourcing and timetabling by ensuring that you can teach AS and A-level together.

Our free resources, events and support, along with professional development opportunities, will help you inspire your students to fulfil their potential. We’ve collaborated closely with publishers to ensure that you have text books to support you and your students with the new specifications. With us, your students will get the right results from an exam board you trust.

Students who progress through our qualifications can then pursue courses in higher education or careers in computing.

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