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Our virtual community events are run by AQA maths specialists. The aim of these sessions is to improve your understanding of the specification and support your teaching. Each term, you will get to chat to teachers in your subject area and discuss the things that are really important to you.

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How our virtual communities can help you

In the video below, Ed Walsh, an Advocate and AQA CPD trainer, explains how our virtual communities can help you and your department.

Make assessment count

Our maths assessment resources and support help prepare your students for exams. With our expertise, we’ll help you understand the GCSE Maths curriculum and your students’ needs and deliver great teaching.

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Professional development

We also offer a range of professional development and training courses to help you teach our specifications.

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Resources from past events

Here you can view and download resources from our past virtual community events.

To see resources and materials from older sessions, go to our archive page.

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