Support and services

We work collaboratively with teachers to create resources designed around the day-to-day needs of schools and colleges.

We provide a wide range of printed and electronic support materials and services.

Teachers can:

  • access our past papers and mark schemes to set mock exams for their students via our secure website, e-AQA 
  • go online and see examples of controlled assessment work marked by the Principal Moderator, then mark it themselves and check how it compares
  • use our free online Enhanced Results Analysis service to make comparisons of students' results and spot year-on-year trends
  • download materials to help support teaching including guides, anthologies, web links, resource lists and lesson plans.

Our Curriculum Advisers offer local support for teachers, schools and colleges. They help teaching professionals to make informed choices and give guidance and tailored training on assessment.

We also offer an extensive programme of teacher support activities throughout the country and support a wide range of conferences and exhibitions.