Student Advisory Group

Our Student Advisory Group (SAG) gives young learners a voice in the exam system.

The group is made up of 15 students from different types of schools and colleges across England. The students meet with other members, AQA colleagues and Trustees to:

  • provide valuable insights and student views on key areas of assessment
  • help us make important decisions about the future of exams.

Supporting our student community

The group helps us shape the ways we listen to the school and college student community. In return, students gain valuable experience and develop skills that will help them in their future careers.

What our students have to say

Co-chair of the group, Cerys McGrath:

"It is a unique and privileged opportunity to chair the Student Advisory Group. We work closely with AQA, representing students up and down the UK. As a community of passionate young people, we genuinely feel that we are shaping the future of education. AQA colleagues act on our feedback and make our voices heard, demonstrating AQA's commitment to supporting its students. I look forward to everything we will achieve together in the future!"

Student member of the group, Harry Wake:

"Being a member of AQA's Student Advisory Group has been both incredibly interesting and insightful so far. We've had the opportunity to discuss a multitude of topics from digital exams to student attendance, all of which I believe will have a significant impact on the lives of young people over the coming years. It is clear that AQA's leaders truly value the insight that the group decides, and it's a real privilege that our opinions can help to shape future policy. I'm excited to see what the Student Advisory Group can achieve over the next year!"

Student member of the group, Daniyaal Anawar:

"Being a member of the Student Advisory Group is more than just voicing an opinion or critiquing an idea. It's an opportunity for students to work directly with AQA to ideate and implement something completely new. No limits. No matter how bold the idea may be – and I assure you, we've been bold! There's a place for it at AQA. For that I am incredibly grateful. If given the chance, sign up!"

Get involved

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