Student Advisory Group

Our Student Advisory Group (SAG) gives young people who are still in school, a voice in the exam system.

The group, made of 15 selected students, normally meets three to four times a year, and provides us with students’ insights and perspectives on key areas of assessment, such as the use of technology and the design of question papers - helping us to make important decisions about the future of exams.

Chair of the group, Ellen Blacker, said:

“I originally came into this position with a strong conviction that there was a need for young people to have a say in their education, as they are the ones who will be deeply effected by any changes.

Furthermore, despite all of the changes that has happened to the examination system this year, AQA has successfully enabled us to maintain our input on upcoming changes. I have personally also found that AQA has ensured that the benefits of being part of a student advisory group like this have continued.

It has meant a lot to me to be part of an organisation that values the opinions on young people like myself, as well as one that is so committed to supporting young people in realising their own potential. ”

Supporting our student community

This group will help us shape the ways we listen to the school and college student community, and in return students will gain valuable experience and develop skills that will help them in their future careers.

Student Victoria Wong of Bolton School said: "The meaningful discussions we had were enriching, impactful and showed their desire for youth involvement. I feel fortunate that I have the opportunity to share my insight and of those around me, including people at this school!"

Get involved

If you're a student, or you know a student who may be interested, then please apply when the next cohort becomes available. All job opportunities will be featured on our jobs site.