Equal Opportunities Policy

AQA confirms its commitment to equality of opportunity in all areas of its work.

We value diversity, believing it strengthens and enriches our organisation. All individuals will be treated in a fair, just and equal manner, in accordance with the law regardless of (but not limited to) gender, gender identity, marital status, race, religion, political beliefs, colour, age, disability, sexual orientation, ethnic or national origin, socio-economic background, trade union membership or any other unjustifiable criterion. All other AQA policies will comply with the requirements of this policy statement and will not contravene or otherwise impact upon its principles.

We will not tolerate discrimination in any area of employment or in the provision of services to our customers; we accept our responsibilities to comply with all relevant legislation. Every person working for AQA has a personal responsibility for implementing and promoting equal opportunities in their day-to-day dealings with customers, with each other and with external organisations. Inappropriate behaviour is not acceptable.

It is the responsibility of all employees, contractors, trustees and associates employed by or engaged with AQA to act in a fair and proper manner and in accordance with AQA Policy. Managers will ensure that this policy statement is properly applied through use of the appropriate AQA policy.

Anyone who feels that they have witnessed or have been subjected to unfair discrimination should speak with their line manager, local HR representative or Trade Union representative.

AQA will adopt suitable methods to monitor the effectiveness of the Equal Opportunities Policy Statement and will report any findings to the Consultative and Negotiating Committee (CNC) at least annually.

We recognise our responsibility to provide guidance and training to employees, contractors, trustees and associates. All staff will be trained on appropriate diversity and equality issues.  Competent monitoring will aid in identifying any specific additional training needs.

Responsibility for central coordination, advice and review of the policy statement lies with the Director of People.

This policy statement will be reviewed regularly and if necessary, revised in the light of legislative or organisational changes. It will be made available to the public through the AQA website and other means.

For further information please email Human Resources at hrmanchester@aqa.org.uk.