Values and behaviours

At AQA, we aim never to let a learner down.

Our values have been designed to create a culture that puts our students first and enables us to achieve our current strategic goals.

Our values

Customers front and centre

Our customers are teachers: we want them always to choose us. Whatever our role, we all go the extra mile to meet their needs.

Step up

We think for ourselves. We use sound judgement and hold ourselves to account. We listen to understand, and speak our mind with courtesy and care.

Shape tomorrow

We look up, out and ahead. We use our independent voice to influence. We question what we do and take considered risks to improve and innovate.

Work and learn together

We build supportive, diverse teams. We enjoy working and learning together. We delight in our shared purpose, and celebrate success.

Results matter

We decide and deliver at pace. We make courageous decisions about what we will and won't do. We know when to aim for perfection, and when good is good enough.

Leadership habits

We encourage every AQA leader to take responsibility for creating the right environment for our people to achieve their potential and be brilliant every day.

Leading with integrity and authenticity

  • Care authentically for AQA and its people and demonstrate this in everything we do and say
  • Create a safe place that encourages people to challenge and speak with their true voice
  • Model open and honest conversations
  • Be authentic and show vulnerability

Enabling performance, learning and growth

  • Listening more than talking and flex leadership style accordingly
  • Coach and demonstrate belief in people’s capacity for growth
  • Have great ‘growth’ conversations, even the tough ones
  • Learn and grow through self-reflection, 2 humility and feedback

Enabling operational excellence

  • Enhance productivity by reducing unnecessary bureaucracy and confusion
  • Engender a spirit of continuous improvement
  • Foster a culture of accountability and collaboration
  • Create collaborative goals that realise the organisation’s ambitions

Setting vision, direction and providing clarity

  • Articulate a clear purpose that engages the hearts and minds
  • Empower teams to make decisions that will realise our strategy
  • View problems and opportunities with a ‘one AQA’ mindset
  • Build cultural norms by living and celebrating our values