AQA in numbers

1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019

Setting papers

We set the papers for more than half of all GCSEs and A-levels

Taking exams

At least 1.2 million students sit our qualifications

Awarding qualifications

We awarded almost 3 million GCSEs

Popular papers

Over half a million students took our most popular GCSE - English Language

Marking exams

Around 27,000 academics, teachers, lecturers and subject experts helped us set and mark our exams

Internationally recognised

Our UK qualifications are internationally recognised and are taught in around 40 countries


Through Teachit, teachers can access an online library of free PDF resources created by teachers, for teachers

Registered users

Half a million teachers are registered across Teachit’s seven subject sites


Over 3 million resources were downloaded over the past year

Viewed pages

More than 2 million pages were viewed across Teachit sites every month


Exampro and Testbase question banks have been used in primary and secondary schools throughout the country for more than 20 years. Exampro provides teachers with easy access to AQA past questions and ready-made resources for use in schools-based assessment.

Question banks

Almost 50 question banks are available to use in Exampro and Testbase

Individual questions

More than 90,000 individual questions available for download

Teacher compilations

At least 2.3 million teacher compilations in our online libraries