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2015/16 Entry fees

Our overall aim is to keep our prices competitive, while taking account of the changes to the exam system which are leading to increased costs. 

As previously, we have set higher fees in some subjects, for example those with comparatively low entry levels and/or high delivery costs. This approach helps us to offer schools and colleges as wide a choice of subjects as possible.

Find out more about our fees and indicative pricing for the new reformed GCSEs, AS and A-levels that will be taught from September 2015, with first assessment in 2017.

Revised summer 2015 series basedata

June 2015 version 2 6G15 and version 2 6A15 series basedata are available on our website. Changes included in the new versions are listed alongside the version download link.

General exam rules and malpractice

We've revised our malpractice pages about the general exam rules and reporting malpractice. Read our blog on tackling exam cheating. For students, we've guidelines on avoiding malpractice in exams and other assessments on our student support pages.

AQA child safeguarding policy and code of behaviour

You can expect us to behave professionally and appropriately when we, or anyone representing us, visit your school or college.

You can read about how the AQA Code of Behaviour sets out these acceptable standards of behaviour, and our child and vulnerable adult safeguarding policy.

Estimated grades

To help reduce the administrative burden for teachers and exams officers, from 1 January 2015 we will no longer ask for or publish estimated (forecast) grades. To find out more, please visit our estimated grades pages.

Ofqual updates

Read Ofqual's report on its findings for GCSE Maths research into expected difficulty of exam boards' sample exam papers on its website.

Ofqual has confirmed the assessment arrangements for a number of GCSE, AS and A-level subjects which will be taught from 2016.

Keep up to date on GCSE and A-level changes.

Department for Education (DfE) updated qualifications and discount codes

The DfE have published an updated list of 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 qualifications and discount codes which count in the key stage 4 performance tables on the RAISEonline website.