Dates and timetables

Find out when exams are, when results are out and when to submit coursework/controlled assessment throughout the year.

General exam dates

Exam dates for all other awarding organisations are available from their own websites.

The online timetable that provided all awarding organisations' exam dates was decommissioned by the Department for Education on 30 April 2014 and is no longer available.

Exam clashes

Despite the best efforts of all awarding organisations to coordinate exam scheduling so that clashes are avoided, you may find that some students' exams are scheduled for the same time.

Please refer to the JCQ Instructions for conducting examinations to see how these clashes may be managed.

Our exam dates


January 2013 was the last opportunity for students in England to sit A-level exams in January. Ofqual has confirmed that these changes to A-levels affect all students regardless of when they started their course.

Series Products Timetable Changes Published


A-level, FSMQ and
other exams and tests

Confirmed version 1.3

Printable version 1.3



Changes to GCSEs mean that all GCSEs taken after summer 2013 will be linear, with terminal assessment only available in the summer series.

Series Products Timetable Changes Published
May/June 2014 GCSE (including pilots), ELC, Functional Skills, FSMQ (Level 1 and 2), AQA Certificates, VRQs and other exams and tests.

Confirmed version 1.6

Printable version 1.6

Change log February 2014
November 2014 GCSE, Functional Skills,
Level 3 Extended Project and QCF.

Confirmed version 1.1

Change logJuly
January 2015 AQA Certificates, Functional Skills, Projects, QCF and VRQs.

Confirmed version 1.0

n/a March

Functional Skills and QCF.

Confirmed version 1.0 n/a March

2014/15 provisional timetables

The timetables below are provisional timetables for exams in the 2014/15 academic year.

The deadline for comments on these provisional timetables has now passed.  The confirmed timetables will be published on this page in September.

Series Products Timetable Changes Published
May/June 2015 A-level, FSMQs (Advanced), Functional Skills, Level 3 Certificate, Extended Project and VRQs. Provisional version 1.0 n/a February 2014
May/June 2015 GCSE (including pilots), AQA Certificates, ELCs, FSMQs (Level 1 and 2), Level 1 and 2 Projects and Qualification and Credit Framework. Provisional version 1.0 n/a February 2014

These PDF timetables are definitive.

Please check back frequently to ensure that you have the latest version.