Make entries with EDI and basedata

EDI is the process of setting up your school or college's management information system (MIS) so that it can receive and send your entries in the right format.

We provide you with a 'basedata' file for a series – this is a file that contains all the information you need to make entries for each student, and details about the specification such as timetable and fees. You can import basedata straight into your MIS.

You can then set up and use JCQ's A2C Migration Application and send us the entry data, or email it to us. Use A2C's FAQs to help you.

The basedata files conform to version 14 of JCQ's formats for the exchange of exam related data, which uses the common JCQ data format.

Set up your MIS

To submit your entries through EDI, you'll need to:

Download basedata

Our main entries page shows when we'll update this page with basedata for each series.

We can only include one discount (or classification) code per award in our basedata. More about discount codes

Basedata 2017/18

2017/2018 unit link file

This is a text file for your MIS that matches units to awards.

BG17 - November 2017 series

Series includes:

  • Functional Skills (English and Mathematics) at Level 1, 2
  • GCSE English Language and Mathematics
  • Level 3 Extended Project.

1A18 - January 2018 series

Series includes:

  • AQA Certificate Level 3 Applied Business and Applied Science
  • ELC Step Up to English and Maths
  • Functional Skills (English and Mathematics) at Level 1 and Level 2
  • GCSE Additional Science (route 1), Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science A (route 1), Science B
  • Level 1 Foundation and Level 2 Higher Projects.

3G18 - March 2018 series

Series includes:
  • Functional Skills (English and Mathematics) at Level 1, 2.

6A18 - June 2018 series

Version 4 published 12 March 2018 with corrections to the:

  • gradeset for A-level French visiting examiner option (7652V)
  • entry option title for A-level Accounting (7126).

Version 3 published 10 January 2018 with a correction to the QAN for AS Further Mathematics (7366DS, 7366MD, 7366SM).

Version 2 published 22 November 2017 with a correction to the time allowed for AS Design and Technology: Product Design (7551/W).

Series includes:

  • AS and A-level (reformed linear qualifications)
  • AQA Baccalaureate and Enrichment (restricted entry)
  • AQA Certificate Level 3 (which includes Applied General)
  • Functional Skills (English and Mathematics) at Level 1, 2
  • FSMQ (Advanced level) (restricted entry pilots)
  • GCE AS/A-levels (which includes Applied GCEs)
  • GCE Use of Mathematics (restricted entry pilot)
  • Level 3 Extended Project.

6E18 - June 2018 series

Basedata for the 6E exam series was removed on 10 January 2018. GCSE Computer Science (9–1) is now included in Version 3 of the 6G18 basedata files.

6G18 - June 2018 series

Version 5 published 12 March 2018 with a correction to the specification title for AQA Level 1/2 Award Fashion and Textiles (3720).

Version 4 published 25 January 2018 with corrections to the due date for GCSE Dance NEA (8236/C) and GCSE Drama NEA (8261/C).

Version 3 published 10 January 2018 including the revised GCSE Computer Science qualification (8520) where NEA doesn't count towards the final 9–1 GCSE grade.

Version 2 published 22 November 2017 with the corrections to the:

  • specification title for GCSE Art and Design: Fine Art (8202)
  • entry option titles for GCSE Chemistry (8462F, 8462H)
  • time allowed for GCSE French (8658/SF, 8658/SH) GCSE German (8668/SF, 8668/SH) and GCSE Spanish (8698/SF, 8698/SH) speaking tests. This now shows the maximum time permitted for each speaking test (including preparation time).

Series includes:

  • AQA Certificate ( all levels except Level 3)
  • ELC
  • FCSE
  • FSMQ (Foundation and Higher)
  • GCSE (linear assessment)
  • GCSE (reformed linear qualifications)
  • Level 1 Foundation and Level 2 Higher Projects
  • Technical Award and AQA Level 1/2 Award

About zip files

A zip file contains one or more files that have usually been compressed to reduce file size. To open (unzip) such a file with Windows or Apple OS, just double-click on it.

If you aren't using either of these operating systems, you may need to download and install a special piece of software that will zip and unzip files.

If you don't already have one, you can download a free unzipping tool, such as WinZip , WinRAR or 7zip .

Older series are on our basedata archive page.

Time allowed set to zero

Some exam papers have been split into multiple components (eg section A is a component and section B is a component, but sections A and B are designed to be taken as one exam in a single exam slot).

As per the JCQ formats, we’ve set the Time Allowed for these components as ‘000’.

Students can spend as much time as they want on each component within the overall exam.