Information for exams officers about how to enter students for exams. Includes re-sits, series opening and deadline dates, basedata, fees and transfers.

Centre approval

You can't enter your students for our exams unless we've approved your centre. Make sure you become a centre before you start teaching a course.

Our student section has information about private candidates.

Qualifications that don't use EDI or e-AQA

With the qualifications below, you can't make entries through EDI or e-AQA. Follow the links to talk to the subject teams directly.

Make entries using EDI or e-AQA

For other qualifications, you can make entries through either EDI or e-AQA.

Opening and deadline dates

When we upload the basedata files for the exam series, you can make entries with EDI from that day, and with e-AQA from two weeks after that. Our exams update newsletter will also let you know when entries are open.

It's important you don't miss the dates below. If you do, you'll be charged an extra fee.

Series title

Series and year code

Basedata available to download

Entries deadline date

Deadline for Very Late Entries/
Amendment fees payable/
No refunds for withdrawal

November 2016 (For GCSEs, November is for resits only)


1 September 2016

4 October 2016

25 October 2016

January 2017


11 September 2016

21 October 2016

15 December 2016

March 2017


9 October 2016

21 January 2017

21 February 2017

June 2017

6A17, 6G17

13 November 2016

21 February 2017

21 April 2017

Contact us

If you have a question about entries: