A-level Media Studies: Close Study Product update – Zendaya

Published: Tuesday 30 Jan 2024

We’re replacing Zendaya in our A-level Close Study Product (CSP) booklet for exams in 2025.

The Zendaya website has been unavailable since before September 2023. We were expecting that perhaps a new website was due to launch. Since then, there’s not been a new website, and Zendaya has made almost no recent posts on X/Twitter or Instagram.

This means we’ve had to make the decision to remove Zendaya from the 2025 CSP booklet. Therefore, for 2025 exams, Zendaya is no longer to be studied as a CSP.

For 2025 exams, we’ve replaced Zendaya with a new product and updated the CSP booklet on Centre Services to reflect this.

Please see details of the new product below:

New productReplaced product

Taylor Swift – social media presence

Zendaya – social media presence

We’ll also soon be updating the following resources to reflect these changes:

  • Media Studies scheme of work
  • Media Studies sample questions and mark schemes (for 2024 exams and onwards).

Later in the spring term you’ll be able to access these resources in 'Teaching resources' and Assessment resources' on our A-level Media Studies qualification page.

For the 2024 assessment, we’d like to reassure you that there will be no adverse impact on how learners are assessed in the exams.

The updated 2025 CSP booklet is available on our secure website Centre Services – please make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version.

To find this resource, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to Centre Services
  • Select ‘Resources’
  • Select ‘Assessment and training’
  • Click ’Media Studies'
  • Under ‘Qualification’, tick ‘A-level’
  • Under ‘Resource type’, tick ‘Preliminary material’

If you have any further questions, please contact our customer support team:

Email: mediastudies@aqa.org.uk

Tel: 01483 556 301

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