GCSE and A-level Media Studies: submitting NEA sample files in summer 2024

Published: Wednesday 10 Apr 2024

For summer 2024 we’ve made changes to the way you submit your non-exam assessment (NEA) coursework samples for GCSE and A-level Media Studies.  

For the summer 2024 series onwards, for GCSE Media Studies (8572/C) and A-level Media Studies (7572/C), you’ll upload sample files and corresponding admin documentation to us digitally on Centre Services using Centre Marks Submission, so the same place where you submit your NEA marks.

Audio and visual files no longer need to be sent to us on a CD or memory stick, and hard copies of learners’ sample work will need to be submitted digitally. 

We’ve got detailed guidance on how to upload NEA coursework samples, including the candidate record forms and centre declaration sheet for the requested sample once marks have been submitted. The guidance documents also have helpful questions and answers to support you.

Get ready to submit moderated NEA files

So that you can be ready to submit files in April and May, we’ve got some helpful tips to help you prepare. There’s more information on our Centre marks submission pages.

Teachers are advised to make sure that print work has been viewed as a printout by the learner during the process of production to make sure the work follows print media conventions. You should also consider the way the work would be presented in print when applying the mark scheme. Moderators will consider the work in this way during moderation. Teachers should also make sure that any double-page spreads are uploaded to Centre Marks Submission both in full and as individual pages.

URLs can be added on a word document or wherever it is within the work and upload against the learner it relates to, your allocated moderator will then be able to view the links in the sample work.

You can still annotate learner’s work as before. Teachers will need to annotate the hard copy and then scan it, or use electronic annotations.

Guidance on recording and submitting NEA evidence

The updated guidance on recording and submitting NEA evidence for GCSE and A-level Media Studies will be available on our website soon. The guides can be found in 'Assessment resources' on our qualification pages.

The deadline to submit NEA marks is 7 May 2024 (GCSE) and 15 May 2024 (A-level).

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