A-level Media Studies: CSP update for summer 2024 exams

Published: Tuesday 26 Sep 2023

For learners being assessed in their A-level Media Studies course (7572) in summer 2024 and onwards, we have clarification about the Close Study Products (CSPs) Horizon Forbidden West and Zendaya.

Horizon Forbidden West

You’ll be aware that we’ve changed a number of our CSPs for assessment in 2024 onwards. These include reducing the number of video games CSPs from three to two, with a new video game CSP – Horizon Forbidden West.

As stated in the CSP booklet on Centre Services, learners are required to study this new CSP in relation to a single context – cultural. Please note that in exam questions that link CSPs and contexts, learners will only ever be required to talk about the context(s) that apply to each CSP as described in the CSP booklet. For example, where a question focuses on two contexts and two CSPs, it might be that discussion of one of the CSPs will only refer to one of the contexts.


We’re aware the Zendaya website is currently showing as unavailable. The social media presence for Zendaya is an in-depth CSP and needs to be studied with reference to all four areas of the theoretical framework (Language, Representations, Industries and Audiences) and all relevant contexts (social, political, economic, cultural).

The study focuses on a range of social media sites which promote the American actor, singer and model, Zendaya. It’s possible that the website is about to be relaunched in a new improved version. For the time being, and until we find out about the website, study should focus on Twitter/X and Instagram.

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