An update on A-level Law Paper 2

Published: Friday 17 Jun 2022

We’ve had some questions about why the topic of one of the 30-mark questions in our A-level Law Paper 2 wasn’t mentioned in the advance information, and we wanted to explain why this was the case.

One of the aims of advance information is that it shouldn’t narrow teaching and learning, so we couldn’t list all the topics on the exam paper.

Although we advised students to revise all topics and included the focus of one of the two 30-mark questions, we appreciate that many students expected us to include the focus of both questions – especially in light of guidance we gave before we released the advance information.

We didn’t mean to cause any confusion or stress for students and we’re sorry that we did.

The fairest way to address this is for us to look at how students performed on this paper after we’ve marked it, and we’ll take any action necessary to protect them.

We’d encourage students to revise all the topics relevant to Paper 3 when they’re preparing for it.

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