GCSE Media Studies: CSP update for summer 2024 exams

Published: Thursday 25 Jan 2024

For learners being assessed in their GCSE Media Studies course (8572) in summer 2024 and onwards, we have clarification about the video game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood in our Close Study Product (CSP) booklets.

The video game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a CSP that was selected as a starting point for the analysis of media products as part of the GCSE Media Studies course. Since 2019, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has featured as a video game product in our CSP booklets in tandem with her online media presence as a separate product for online, social and participatory media.

Almost a decade after its release, it’s recently been announced that the video game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is shutting down. The game has been removed from Apple and Android app stores, and existing users can use its features until 8 April.

We know that this has the potential to impact two cohorts of students – those taking exams in 2024 and those taking exams in 2025. We’re acting now to make sure that no students are disadvantaged by this issue.

For those students taking exams in 2024, we’ll make sure that there will be no adverse impact on how students are assessed in the exam.

For the 2025 assessment, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood will be removed as a CSP and will be replaced with a new product (video game) by 9 February. We’ll update the CSP booklet on Centre Services to reflect this, and we’ll email schools and colleges when the updated 2025 CSP booklet is available.

Please note that Kim Kardashian as an online, social and participatory media product will remain, and is to be studied for assessment in 2024 and onwards.

If you have any further questions, please contact our customer support team:

Email: mediastudies@aqa.org.uk

Tel: 01483 556 301

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