April 2024

10 April

A-level Computer Science: submitting NEA sample files in summer 2024 

For summer 2024 we’ve made changes to the way you submit your non-exam assessment (NEA) coursework samples for A-level Computer Science.

February 2024

15 February

Updated JCQ guidance: use of artificial intelligence in assessments

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) has published updated guidance on artificial intelligence (AI) use in assessments.

September 2023

1 September

A-level Computer Science: 2024 preliminary materials on Centre Services

The A-level Computer Science (7517) preliminary materials and teacher’s notes for the Paper 1 (7517/1) exam in summer 2024 are available on Centre Services.

August 2023

21 August

AS and A-level Computer Science: specification changes for 2025 exams

We’ve made a few changes to our AS and A-level Computer Science (7516, 7517) specification, ready for first teaching in September 2023. These changes affect summer 2025 exams onwards.

November 2022

29 November

GCSE Computer Science: EDI specification change for 2024 exams

As part of our commitment to ensuring equality, diversity and inclusion in our qualifications, we've updated our GCSE Computer Science specification.

September 2022

1 September

A-level Computer Science: 2023 preliminary materials on Centre Services

The A-level Computer Science (7517/1) preliminary materials for summer 2023 exams are available in Resources > Assessment and training on Centre Services.

February 2022

23 February

GCSE Computer Science: practical programming statement for 2022

For summer 2022, and as part of the GCSE (8525) specification requirements, section 5.1 programming skills authentication, all schools and colleges will need to provide a ‘Practical programming statement’ to confirm that every student

17 February

AS specification (7516) pre-release materials for 2022

The AS Computer Science Paper 1 pre-release materials (7516/1) will be available on Centre Services from 1 March 2022.

3 February

Updated: Question papers, mark schemes and reports on the exam: what’s available when

We’re changing the date of when we publish question papers, mark schemes and reports on the exam on our website. This is now applicable to all qualifications.

January 2020

17 January

Updated A-level Computer Science teachers notes on SKM

A-level Computer Science, summer 2020 teacher notes updated on secure key materials (SKM).