February 2024

15 February

Updated JCQ guidance: use of artificial intelligence in assessments

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) has published updated guidance on artificial intelligence (AI) use in assessments.

September 2023

12 September

GCSE Geography Paper 3: exam time updated for summer 2024

For Paper 3 (8035/3): Geographical applications, the duration of the exam has changed from 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes. This change affects exams in summer 2024 onwards.

May 2023

2 May

Geography: guidance on supporting students with CVD during the exam 

We want to remind you of the support students with colour vision deficiency (CVD) can receive on the day of their exam.

March 2023

24 March

GCSE Geography Paper 3: summer 2023 pre-release material on Centre Services

The GCSE Geography Paper 3 pre-release material (8035/3/PM) for summer 2023 is available on Centre Services.

December 2022

7 December

Geography: fieldwork centre declaration form for summer 2023

You must complete the fieldwork centre declaration form by 15 May 2023.

November 2022

28 November

New and improved GCSE Geography resources and support available

We've been reviewing our GCSE Geography resources and we're pleased to share what's been improved.

8 November

GCSE Geography: 8035/3 pre-release materials for summer 2023

Summer 2023 pre-release materials will be available from 24 March 2023.

September 2022

13 September

GCSE Geography: updated EDI scheme of work

As part of our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, we’ve updated our GCSE Geography scheme of work.

August 2022

10 August

Geography: equality, diversity and inclusion in the study of people, places and economies

Our Curriculum Manager for Geography, Stacey Hill, tells us how the team is looking ahead to future reform to ensure the landscape of their subject is fully diverse and inclusive.

March 2022

22 March

GCSE Geography: Paper 3 2022 pre-release material on Centre Services

The summer 2022 GCSE Geography Paper 3 pre-release material (8035/3/PM) is available on Centre Services.