Effective use of warm up and cool down


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Warming up and cooling down

The constituent parts of warming up and cooling down.

Warming up should include:

  • gradual pulse-raising activity
  • stretching
  • skill based practices/familiarisation
  • mental preparation
  • increase amount of oxygen to the working muscles.

Cooling down should include:

  • maintaining elevated breathing and heart rate, eg walk, jog
  • gradual reduction in intensity
  • stretching.

Students should be taught to understand and justify appropriate elements of a warm up and a cool down for different sporting activities.

The benefits of warming up:

  • effect on body temperature
  • range of movement increased
  • gradual increase of effort to full pace
  • psychological preparation
  • practice of movement skills through the whole range of movement
  • injury prevention.

The benefits of cooling down:

  • allowing the body to recover
  • the removal of lactic acid/CO2/waste products
  • prevent (delayed onset) muscle soreness/DOMS.