Why choose AQA for AS and A-level Sociology

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These qualifications offers an engaging and effective introduction to Sociology. Students will learn the fundamentals of the subject and develop skills valued by higher education (HE) and employers, including critical analysis, independent thinking and research.

Retaining the most popular features of our previous, market-leading qualification, we have worked with teachers, HE and the British Sociological Association to produce clear, up-to-date and stimulating specifications. We have built on the success of our previous specification by introducing some minor amendments that reflect advances and changes in the subject and provide a coherent and holistic programme of study.

Content continuity

Our focus for this new qualifications has been to provide continuity for teachers. We have included:

  • a range of attractive topic options, allowing teachers to teach to their strengths and ensuring that students experience an interesting, diverse and coherent course of study
  • approaches and methods related to the core areas of Sociology, to enable students to engage in theoretical debate and to encourage an active involvement with the research process
  • many familiar and popular topics from our previous specification.

Trusted assessment

Our assessments continue to employ a variety of familiar question types, including short answer and extended writing/essays, which target:

  • knowledge and understanding
  • application
  • analysis and evaluation.

Students’ understanding of research methods, gained through classroom experience of practical Sociology, will be assessed using the familiar 'methods in context' format.

Co-teachability of AS and A-level

We have designed the AS and A-level specifications to cover core areas of Sociology and to be fully co-teachable within the first year of study. We know this will help teachers with resourcing and timetabling and will also allow students to switch between AS and A-level during the first year if they wish.


Our specifications will appeal to a cross-section of students, regardless of whether they have studied the subject before. They build on skills developed in the sciences and humanities, and enable progression into a wide range of other subjects.

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Support and resources to help you teach

We know that support and resources are vital for your teaching and that you have limited time to find or develop good quality materials. So we’ve worked with experienced teachers to provide you with a range of resources that will help you confidently plan, teach and prepare for exams.

Teaching resources

We have too many Sociology resources to list here so visit to see them all. They include:

  • flexible sample schemes of work to help you plan for course delivery in your own way
  • individual lesson plans on specific topic areas to assist you in providing continuity and progression in teaching
  • student textbooks and e-learning materials that have been scrutinised by AQA
  • training courses to help you deliver AQA Sociology qualifications
  • subject expertise courses for all teachers, from newly qualified teachers who are just getting started to experienced teachers looking for fresh inspiration.

Preparing for exams

Visit for everything you need to prepare for our exams, including:

  • past papers, mark schemes and examiners’ reports
  • specimen papers and mark schemes for new courses
  • exemplar student answers with examiner commentaries.

Analyse your students' results with Enhanced Results Analysis (ERA)

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Keep your skills up to date with professional development

Wherever you are in your career, there’s always something new to learn. As well as subject-specific training, we offer a range of courses to help boost your skills:

  • improve your teaching skills in areas including differentiation, teaching literacy and meeting Ofsted requirements
  • help you prepare for a new role with our leadership and management courses.

You can attend a course at venues around the country, in your school or online – whatever suits your needs and availability. Find out more at

Get help and support

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