GCSE Geography (8035) autumn 2020 series guidance

Tuesday 25 Aug 2020

Students are able to sit GCSE Geography (8035) exams this autumn, even if they were not issued with the pre-release material, and/or were unable to undertake their fieldwork prior to school closures.

The deadline to submit GCSE entries is 18 September.

Pre-release material

Pre-release material (8035/3/PM) can be accessed in the secure key materials (SKM) area of e-AQA. The materials can be issued electronically to students and are the same as those they would have sat in the summer.


If your students were unable to complete the required two fieldwork opportunities, it’s important that teachers provide those students with support in engaging with the fieldwork enquiry sequence, as best they can. You can provide students with:

  • past cohort data
  • photographs or video recording of locations visited
  • revision material covering the strands of the enquiry
  • past paper questions and example responses.

You can also encourage students to draw from experts in this field such as the Field Studies Council, the Geographical Association and the Royal Geographical Society. If appropriate, students are able to visit fieldwork locations themselves so that they have some experience of collecting primary data – if accompanied by a responsible parent or guardian, and it’s safe to do so.

Detailed guidance on the November series, will be available in October. The confirmed exam timetables for November 2020 are available on our website.