GCSE English Language – spoken language endorsement: arrangements for November 2021 series

Monday 18 Oct 2021

Students can enter for GCSE English Language (8700) exams as part of our usual November exam series.

Any student who has not completed the spoken language assessment (8700/C) in summer 2021 or wishes to submit new work in the November 2021 series, can take the assessment if the school or college is able to accommodate this.

For November 2021 only:

  • there’s no requirement for schools to submit a sample of audio-visual recordings for spoken language assessments
  • you’ll need to submit a centre declaration form to us by 5 November 2021
  • the spoken language assessment can take place in front of a single teacher who can represent an ‘audience’
  • the spoken language assessment can be conducted at any time during the course and by virtual means.

Students may carry forward the spoken language endorsement if they’ve previously certified in the same qualification. We’ve more information about the spoken language endorsement and carrying forward endorsement grades on our website.

The deadline to submit internally-assessed grades for the GCSE English spoken language is 5 November 2021.