3.1 Knowledge and understanding

Students should be introduced to a variety of learning experiences, which encourage the development of skills through the use of appropriate media, processes, techniques and technologies relevant to their chosen title(s) and related area(s) of study.

Students should show knowledge, understanding and skills in the development of their personal work informed by first-hand experiences and appropriate secondary sources.

Students should be encouraged to progressively develop their own strengths and interests in the subject and, increasingly, follow their own lines of enquiry.

Students must develop the knowledge and understanding as specified below through sustained practical application of skills to realise personal intentions.

Students must learn how sources inspire the development of ideas. For example, drawing on:

  • the work and approaches of artists, craftspeople or designers from contemporary and/or historical contexts, periods, societies and cultures
  • contemporary and/or historical environments, situations or issues
  • other relevant sources researched by the student in the chosen qualification title and area(s) of study
  • the ways in which meanings, ideas and intentions can be communicated through visual and tactile language, using formal elements, including:
    • colour
    • line
    • form
    • shape
    • tone
    • texture
  • the characteristics, properties and effects of using different media, materials, techniques and processes, and the ways in which they can be used in relation to students’ own creative intentions and chosen area(s) of study
  • the different purposes, intentions and functions of art, craft and design in a variety of contexts and as appropriate to students’ own work.