Specification at a glance

This qualification is linear. Linear means that students will sit all their exams and submit all their non-exam assessment at the end of the course.

Subject content

Core content

1. Engineering materials

2. Engineering manufacturing processes

3. Systems

4. Testing and investigation

5. The impact of modern technologies

6. Practical engineering skills


Question paper: Externally assessed

What's assessed

Sections 1–6 from the subject content.

Though the 'Practical engineering skills' section will predominantly be assessed through the NEA, some questions in the written exam will relate to practical contexts and students will need to apply their understanding within these contexts.

How it's assessed

  • Written exam: 2 hours
  • 120 marks
  • 60% of GCSE


  • Multiple choice questions assessing breadth of knowledge.
  • Short answer questions assessing in depth knowledge, including calculations.
  • Multiple choice questions related to the application of practical engineering skills.
  • Extended response questions drawing together elements of the specification.

Non-exam assessment: Practical engineering

What's assessed

  • Application of skills, knowledge and understanding in a practical context.
  • Analysis and evaluation of evidence.

How it's assessed

  • A brief set by AQA released on 1 June in the first year of study.
  • 80 marks
  • 40% of GCSE


Students produce:
  • engineering drawings or schematics to communicate a solution to the brief.
  • an engineering product that solves a problem.