3.1 Scope of study

Based on the criteria for GCSE English Language, Step Up to English will require students to study the following content:

Reading and comprehension

  • Reading and comprehension: identifying and interpreting themes, ideas and information in literature and other writing; reading in different ways for different purposes and comparing and evaluating content for these purposes; drawing inferences; expressing a point of view sometimes supported by evidence.
  • Commenting on writer's choice of vocabulary, form, grammatical and structural features.
  • Comparing texts: identifying similarities and differences between two texts.


  • Producing clear and coherent text: writing for different purposes and audiences; to describe, narrate, explain, instruct, give and respond to information, and argue; selecting vocabulary, grammar, form and structural and organisational features to reflect audience, purpose and context; using language imaginatively and creatively; using information provided by others to write in different forms; maintaining a consistent point of view; maintaining coherence and consistency across a text.
  • Writing for impact: selecting, organising and emphasising facts, ideas and key points; creating emotional impact; using language creatively, imaginatively and persuasively.

Spoken language

  • Presenting information and ideas: selecting and organising information and ideas effectively and persuasively for prepared spoken presentations; planning effectively for different purposes and audiences; making presentations and speeches.
  • Responding to spoken language: listening to and responding appropriately to any questions and feedback.
  • Spoken English: expressing ideas using Standard English whenever and wherever appropriate.