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Why AQA project qualifications?

All of our project qualifications are designed to fit easily into your existing curriculum.

AQA Level 1 Foundation Project Qualification

The Level 1 Foundation Project qualification is designed to engage and motivate learners with different capabilities. It encourages students that may struggle with traditional academic studies to work on a practical project, and can be used to stretch more able students beyond the standard curriculum. This qualification is an ideal stepping stone to the Level 2 Higher and Extended Project Qualifications.

AQA Level 2 Higher Project Qualification

Our Level 2 Higher Project Qualification is an ideal basis for the Extended Project Qualification. Students will discover the joys of independent learning, take responsibility for their own studies, and develop new life and study skills. It challenges students to develop a project beyond the curriculum, and inspires them to develop a practical project based on something they choose themselves.

AQA Level 3 Extended Project Qualification

Our market-leading Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) gives students the opportunity to extend their abilities beyond the Level 3 programme of study, in preparation for university or their future career. The EPQ also earns valuable UCAS points.

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