We offer a wide range of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Computer Science qualifications for a variety of abilities. Students can learn valuable skills and prepare for the workplace with our Entry Level Certificates (ELCs) and Functional Skills qualifications.

Students can progess through our qualifications to study A-level Computing or ICT and then follow-on to pursue courses in Higher Education or careers in computing.

Looking for the Diploma in Information Technology? The Diploma will close permanently after 31 August 2014, with some final submissions due in 2013. Find out more: The Diploma.

Please note, the A-level Applied ICT qualification is not available after the summer 2013 exams. There is one opportunity to re-sit the externally assessed units in Jan 2014. 


Have you heard about our Computer Science competition open to all Key Stage 3, 4 and  5 students?
It’s a great opportunity for students to use their skills to win a workplace taster. Find out more about the competition, our sponsors and resources to get your students creating the next big thing in technology.

Computer Science (4512) Information and Communication Technology (4520)
Applied Information and Communication Technology (8750) Computing (2510) Information and Communication Technology (2520)
Functional Skills
Entry Level Functional ICT (4911) (4912) (4913) Functional Skills in ICT (4527) (4528)