Developing mathematical skills involves learning to solve increasingly complicated problems. Each of our specifications allows students to develop their problem-solving skills, numerical abilities and the mathematical confidence that will help them thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Our range of courses caters for students of different abilities. With flexible routes through our maths qualifications, you have the freedom to plan a maths journey for each student, whatever their learning style, ability or aspirations.

From Entry Level Certificate (ELC) to A-level, we have a range of support and training to help every teacher, from NQTs through to Heads of Maths. Our Free-Standing Maths Qualifications (FSMQs) are shorter courses that can be taken as stand-alone qualifications or combined to create other qualifications.

The Department for Education has announced plans for new maths qualifications for 16-18 year olds. Read our key information about these new 'Core' maths qualifications.

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Our comprehensive suite of Key Stage 3 assessment and test practice tools will give you insight to your students' knowledge. Access individual questions in an online searchable question bank to create your own customised assessments or use our ready made tests. 

testbase smallest Use Testbase to create targeted teacher-marked assessments and to access Teacher-mediated activities that encourage thinking, reasoning and in-class discussion.

Mathematics (4360) Mathematics (Linear) B (4365) Statistics (4310) Linked Pair: Methods in Mathematics (9365)
Linked Pair: Applications of Mathematics (9370)
Mathematics (6360) Pure Mathematics (6360) Further Mathematics (6360) Statistics (6380)
Use of Mathematics AS (5350) Pilot Use of Mathematics (9360)
AQA Certificate
Level 1/2 Use of Mathematics (4350) Level 2 Further Mathematics (8360)
Foundation Level FSMQs
Money Management (4981) Using Spatial Techniques (4982) Using Data (4983)
Higher Level FSMQs
Financial Calculations (4984) Shape and Space (4985) Data Handling (4986) Algebra and Graphs (4988)
Advanced Level FSMQs
Using and Applying Statistics (6990) Working with Algebraic and Graphical Techniques (6991) Modelling with Calculus (6992) Using and Applying Decision Mathematics (6994)
Pilot Advanced Level FSMQs
Data Analysis (9993) Hypothesis Testing (9994) Dynamics (9995) Mathematical Principles for Personal Finance (9996)
Decision Mathematics (9997) Calculus (9998)
Entry Level Certificate in Mathematics (4930)
Functional Skills
Entry Level Functional Mathematics (4931)(4932) (4933) Functional Mathematics (4367) (4368)