Why choose this specification?

Relevant in the classroom and the real world

We involved over a thousand teachers in developing these specifications, to ensure that the subject content is relevant to real world experiences and is interesting to teach and learn. We've also presented it in a straightforward way, giving you the freedom to teach in the way that works for your students.

These Physics specifications are a stepping stone to future study, which is why we also consulted universities, to ensure this specification allows students to develop the skills that they want to see.

This approach has led to a specification that will support you to inspire students, nurture a passion for Physics and lay the groundwork for further study in science or engineering.

The way you teach – your choice

Our specifications have been written in a context-free style. This means that you can select the contexts and applications that you feel bring the subject alive. We have also produced a range of excellent teaching resources that you can use alongside your own material.

The AS and A-level courses allow for a choice of starting points. You can choose a familiar starting point for students, such as mechanics, or begin with fresh topics to create interest and a new dimension to their knowledge, such as particle physics.

We've provided five optional topics as part of the full A-level course so students can focus on their areas of interest:

  • Astrophysics
  • Medical physics
  • Turning points in physics
  • Engineering physics (re-branded Applied physics)
  • Electronics.

Practical at the heart of science

Like you, we believe that Physics is fundamentally an experimental subject. This specification provides numerous opportunities to use practical experiences to link theory to reality, and equip students with the essential practical skills they need.

Teach AS and A-level together

We've ensured that the AS and A-level are fully co-teachable. The AS exams include similar questions to those in the A-level, with less difficulty.

We've created our A-level content with our GCSE in mind to make sure that there is a seamless progression between qualifications. We've also followed ASE guidance on use of scientific terminology across our science subjects.

Assessment success

We've tested our specimen question papers with students, making sure they're interesting, straightforward and clear and hold no hidden surprises. To ensure that your students are rewarded for the physics skills and knowledge they've developed, our exams include:

  • specified content tested in each of the first two papers at A-level to help students prepare for their exams
  • a variety of assessment styles within each paper so students can confidently engage with the questions
  • multiple choice questions are included to allow for a wide breadth of Physics from the specification to be tested

With us, your students will get the results they deserve, from the exam board you trust.

You can find out about all our science qualifications at aqa.org.uk/science.