February 2024

15 February

Updated JCQ guidance: use of artificial intelligence in assessments

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) has published updated guidance on artificial intelligence (AI) use in assessments.

January 2024

11 January

A-level English Language and Literature: AQA Paris anthology

We’ve been made aware that the YouTube videos linked to two texts in our AQA Paris anthology (7707/PA) for A-level English Language and Literature are no longer available.

November 2023

30 November

GCSE English Language: spoken language endorsement for summer 2024

If you're entering students for GCSE English Language (8700) in summer 2024, you'll need to provide audio-visual recordings of the presentations of either all or a sample of your students (depending on the number of students entered). Find out more.

September 2023

7 September

Functional Skills English: November 2023 series 

Find out more about the Component 3 Speaking, Listening and Communicating assessment for November 2023.

7 September

ELC Step Up to English: new NEA topics for 2024

Find out more about the`non-exam assessment (NEA) topic changes for 2024.

7 September

GCSE English Language: spoken language endorsement for November 2023

For the November 2023 spoken language (8700/C) exams, all schools and colleges are required to submit audio-visual recordings of the presentations of a sample of any new learners who do not currently have an endorsed grade or wish to improve their

July 2023

7 July

Age restrictions for the November 2023 exam series

For the November 2023 exam series, there are age restrictions for entering students for GCSE English Language and GCSE Maths.

May 2023

4 May

English anthologies: what's available when

Find out more about our English anthologies and when they are available.

March 2023

21 March

Spoken Language endorsement: important reminders for 2023

To make sure the Spoken Language endorsement tests run as smoothly as possible this summer, we have a few reminders of the requirements for submitting your 8700/C samples.

February 2023

15 February

Post-16 GCSE English Language: latest updates and resources

Find out about our latest updates and resources for post-16 GCSE English Language.