April 2024

10 April

GCSE and A-level Media Studies: submitting NEA sample files in summer 2024

For summer 2024 we’ve made changes to the way you submit your non-exam assessment (NEA) coursework samples for GCSE and A-level Media Studies.

February 2024

15 February

Updated JCQ guidance: use of artificial intelligence in assessments

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) has published updated guidance on artificial intelligence (AI) use in assessments.

January 2024

30 January

A-level Media Studies: Close Study Product update – Zendaya

We’re replacing Zendaya in our A-level Media Studies Close Study Product (CSP) booklet. This change affects exams in 2025.

25 January

GCSE Media Studies: CSP update for summer 2024 exams

For learners being assessed in their GCSE Media Studies course (8572) in summer 2024 and onwards, we have clarification about the video game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood in our Close Study Product (CSP) booklets.

September 2023

26 September

A-level Media Studies: CSP update for summer 2024 exams

We have clarification about the Close Study Products (CSPs) Horizon Forbidden West and Zendaya. Find out more.

May 2023

18 May

Creating a more inclusive curriculum for the creative arts

In our latest blog on equality, diversity and inclusion in our qualifications, our Head of Curriculum for Creative Arts, Sandra Allan, explains the further work we’ve done to bring greater diversity to our creative arts subjects.

February 2023

15 February

GCSE Media Studies: Close Study Product update for 2023 and 2024

An update on the Close Study Product (CSP) booklets for assessment in 2023 and 2024.

January 2023

17 January

GCSE Media Studies: updated teaching materials for 2023

We’ve made some updates to our GCSE Media Studies resources for 2023.

October 2022

20 October

AQA adds new diverse and modern products to its Media Studies A-level

We're delighted to have added nine new products to our A-level Media Studies course to make it more diverse and modern.

September 2022

8 September

GCSE and A-level Media Studies: NEA arrangements for summer 2023

For students taking exams in summer 2023, the usual arrangements for NEA are now in place. To support your teaching, we wanted to remind you of the specification requirements for GCSE and A-level Media Studies.