Specification updates

We've made some changes to our AS and A-level Business (7131, 7132) specification ready for first teaching in September 2023.

These changes affect first AS exams in summer 2024 and A-level exams in summer 2025.

What you need to know

  • Summary of changes
  • Which specification to teach

Summary of changes

For AS exams in 2024 and A-level exams in 2025, we've removed the following models and theories:

  • The Blake Mouton grid
  • Hackman and Oldham's model of job design
  • Kaplan and Norton's balanced scorecard model
  • Bowman's strategic clock
  • Greiner's model of growth
  • Bartlett and Ghoshal's international multi-domestic, transnational and global strategies
  • Hofstede's national cultures

We've also made some other minor updates, which you can view in our summary of changes.

Which specification to teach

There are two versions of the specification for this subject.

Updated version (teaching from 2023)

If your students are taking AS exams in 2024 and A-level exams in 2025, please use the updated version of our specification.

Previous version (teaching from 2015)

If your students are taking A-level exams in 2024, please continue to use the previous version of our specification.

Help and support

For further help and support delivering AS and A-level Business, email us at business-studies@aqa.org.uk or call 01483 477 863.