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It is recognised that GCSE Mathematics is too demanding for some students. ELC Mathematics is designed as a qualification that offers students who are unlikely to achieve a grade in GCSE Mathematics the opportunity to achieve a certificated award. It is also a useful qualification for students in preparation for GCSE and can be used to monitor students’ progress.

The specification has been developed to reflect the National Curriculum from September 2014 and the GCSE subject criteria for Mathematics, first teaching September 2015. It is intended that it can be used in conjunction with any GCSE Mathematics specification, particularly those offered by AQA. It therefore offers opportunities for students to work alongside those following a GCSE course in Mathematics. We have included specification references to GCSE Maths, first teaching 2015, where appropriate.

Overall, a teaching and learning scheme based on this specification will provide opportunities for investigative and practical mathematics as well as leading to mastery of the basic skills of the subject, and will give a worthwhile educational experience for all students.

The component-based structure of the qualification provides students with the opportunity to work in short programmes. This enables their progress to be monitored and a sense of achievement can be gained throughout the course. The materials needed for the assessment are available on-demand on the secure area of the AQA website, e-AQA.

Schools and colleges wishing to enter candidates for the complementary Unit Award Scheme (UAS) can find out more information about the scheme at and in the Appendices part of this specification.