ELC Mathematics

  • Teaching from: September 2015
  • Exams from: June 2017
  • Specification code: 5930
  • QAN code: 601/5874/8

Our Maths Entry Level Certificate provides basic and relevant mathematical skills and is suitable for students of all ages. The specification is co-teachable with our GCSE, to suit students who are studying both qualifications.

It can build their confidence in maths, especially with lower ability students. The assessment is on demand so your students can complete assignments when they’re ready, helping to keep them motivated.

Like all of our Mathematics qualifications, we use straightforward language in our tests to allow students to focus on the maths and achieve the results they deserve.


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Key dates

  • 10 January 2021 Non-exam assessment submission deadline for Entry Level Certificate Mathematics (5930)
    Schools and colleges may set their own internal deadlines

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