Results slips and certificates

For exams officers: what students receive and when.

Results slips

On student results day, students receive a printed results slip from you (also known as a candidate statement of provisional results).

Results slips on e-AQA show results from us. If you want results slips showing all exam boards, you might be able to print them from your MIS (Management Information System).

The results slip shows provisional results. This is so that there's time for enquiries about results (eg reviews), late award claims and any results that are still pending.

See the following examples:

Results slips for reformed specifications

Results slips for our new linear GCSE, AS and A-level specifications (for first teaching from 2015) will only show an overall subject grade, because grades are awarded at the subject level. Individual component results will still be available on e-AQA and Enhanced Results Analysis (ERA).

As the new GCSEs are being introduced in phases, students will see a mixture of letter grades and number grades on their results slips and certificates from 2017.

Endorsements for GCSE English Language spoken language

Results for the GCSE English Language (8700) spoken language endorsement will be reported separately as one of the following:

  • pass
  • merit
  • distinction
  • not classified.

This separate grade will appear on a certificate, but won’t contribute to a student’s 9–1 grade.

Endorsements for A-level sciences practical skills

Results for the new A-level Biology, Chemistry and Physics practical skills endorsement will be reported as either:

  • pass
  • not classified.

This separate grade will appear on a certificate but will not count towards the overall grade.

Applied General qualifications

AQA Level 3 Certificates in Applied Science and Applied Business were awarded for the first time in summer 2017. If a student achieves a pass grade, this will be displayed on their certificate, together with a Statement of Attainment showing the list of units taken.

University places

If you or your A-level students need to know whether they've secured their place at university, see UCAS's results pages. After results day, we update UCAS daily with results files and any changes to grades.

Universities outside the UK

We can confirm results directly with international universities for students who are applying to study abroad. Applications for current results cost £20 per address to cover international delivery through DHL.

We will publish our application form for June 2019 results in March 2019.


We send certificates to schools about eight weeks after results day. They show the final, confirmed results.

Check that you have all the certificates you expected. Give them to students without delay (using secure post if sending by mail), and keep a record of what you've issued. Any unclaimed certificates must be stored securely for at least 12 months, then destroyed confidentially or sent back to us.

Exam series

When you'll receive certificates by


28 February


31 May


31 May


7 November

Early certificates

The deadline for requesting early dispatch of certificates for summer 2018 has now passed.
Schools and colleges will receive their certificates by 7 November 2018.

Missing certificates

If a certificate is missing, check that you've entered an award code for the student – more details on our entries pages.

If that doesn't seem to be the reason for the missing certificate, email

Correct a certificate

If a student's grade has changed since their certificate was printed, you can get a corrected version for free if you send back the original certificate. For all other changes there's a fee of £43 per student.

The school or college must return the certificate. Use recorded delivery to send the incorrect certificate and details of the correction to:

AQA Results
Devas Street
M15 6EX.

You should receive the corrected certificate within 20 working days.

Replace a certificate

We can only provide replacement certificates in exceptional circumstances. See past results and replacement certificates.