Get to know the specification

Take a look at our specification for GCSE English Language (8700). Get to know the subject content and exams format for the qualification. Find all the information and resources you need to teach it.

GCSE English Language specification

Resources to help you teach

There are lots of resources to help you teach GCSE English Language for post-16 resits.

Plan what you will teach

To help you plan what you will teach and when, we’ve made a scheme of work for post-16 learners. It outlines topics to cover each week. You’ll also find suggested texts as well as lots of teaching ideas and sources to use.

Teaching resource packs

Use our packs of valuable teaching resources. You'll find ideas and advice from Jonny Kay, post-16 English expert and author. They'll help your learners tackle the higher tariff questions on both papers.

In each pack, you'll find:

  • videos for learners
  • a teacher guidance booklet
  • classroom resources
  • a lesson plan

Download teaching resource packs

Reading resources for post-16 learners

You can use these guides to prepare your learners for the reading section (Section A) of the exam papers. The guides have lots of diverse and age-appropriate extracts. We've created these for post-16 learners to help them develop and secure the reading skills they need to succeed in their resits.

Assessment resources

Make use of our assessment resources to prepare your learners for their GCSE resits. You can access past question papers, mark schemes and more.

Resources on Centre Services

You’ll find more key resources on Centre Services. You'll be able to view all our previous course materials and get early access to the most recent question papers and mark schemes. You can also download question papers on the day of the exam.

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Case studies: real-life examples from post-16 experts

Explore our case studies and see what has worked for post-16 experts in their own schools and colleges. You'll find practical tips to help you boost learner confidence and improve performance in GCSE English Language.


Our teacher training packs and CPD courses will help you gain further insights into key aspects of our assessments.

Focus on success training packs

Our training packs are a great way to build on your understanding of the assessment. You can work through the modules on your own or as department-led sessions. Whether you're a new or experienced teacher, you can use and adapt the materials to focus on the areas you need to.

Online training courses

Sign up to our free online professional development courses. In each session, our experts will give you guidance on how to enhance learner outcomes.

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