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Resource and support guide: post-16 resits and further education

The final resit opportunity for the legacy GCSE Mathematics (Linear) B specification (4365) was in June 2017. All students wishing to sit GCSE Maths must now sit the new GCSE Mathematics (8300) specification.

Teaching our new GCSE Maths qualification

The collection of resources on this page is designed to help you prepare to teach our new GCSE Maths to further education or post-16 resit students. They'll help you to reinforce and develop GCSE Maths skills across all curriculum areas. We're here to support you with the challenges ahead.

We’ve summarised the changes between the previous GCSE Mathematics (Linear) B (4365) and the new GCSE Mathematics (8300) so you can easily compare the two.

Getting started

All About Maths resources

All About Maths is our supporting resources site for maths teachers teaching our specifications. You’ll need to log in to All About Maths to view the resources included below that are held on that site, or register for an account if you don’t already have one.

Resources to help you teach over one year

We’ve created the route map and teaching guide below in collaboration with post-16 further education expert Julia Smith.

One-year route map

We’ve created a fully customisable one-year route map to help you plan your teaching for those studying for their re-sit over a single year (also available as a PowerPoint file).

The route map:

  • links to various teaching resources
  • is intended as a revision programme
  • includes three 10-week terms
  • focuses on topics that will help students improve on their previous grade.

Access our interactive route map [All About Maths]

Route map teaching guide

This teaching guide explains exactly how the route map works for post-16 students. It includes guidance on:

  • learning hours
  • milestones
  • homework
  • student mindset
  • what to focus on in each term
  • strategies for success
  • encouraging independent self-study.

Access GCSE Maths 8300: One-year route map – a post-16 teaching guide [All About Maths]

Basic skills questions

Measure and improve your students’ basic maths skills with three sets of questions covering nine basic maths skills that are covered by our GCSE Maths specification.

Access our basic skills questions [All About Maths]

Assessment support

We know how important it is to assess your students’ strengths and weaknesses at the start of your teaching so you can focus your efforts where it really counts.

All our assessment materials are based on actual GCSE questions – not functional skills questions. This helps put your students in the strongest position to get the results they deserve in their GCSE re-sit.

Mock exams analysis

Our mock exam analysers [All About Maths] can be used with our past papers and practice papers to identify common areas of strength or weakness, and highlight students who may need additional support. Use them at the start of the course as well as during revision.

They include:

  • mean marks (past papers only)
  • grade boundaries (past papers only)
  • sample answers that would score full marks for each question, with commentary by a senior examiner explaining the requirements of each question
  • guidance on how to approach some questions.

Teaching guidance from senior examiners

Our teaching guidance document explains the subject content and what students should be able to do for each content area. It gives examples of the questions that could be asked for each area.

Assessment objectives 2 and 3

The new GCSE course has greater focus on assessment objectives 2 (reasoning) and 3 (problem solving).

Our AO2 and AO3 guidance document [All About Maths] helps you understand the requirements for these assessment objectives, and offers further sample questions for extra practice in these key areas.

Revision resources

Personal support from our maths advocates

Our maths advocates are real teachers, ready to share their experiences of teaching our maths qualifications in the classroom.

They're directly involved in their local maths teaching communities and they can:

  • offer advice on teaching our GCSE Maths course
  • support networking opportunities in your region.

Contact your local maths advocate [All About Maths]

Contact us

Our customer support team are available to support you between 8am and 7pm on weekdays.

Call us on 0161 957 3852 or email maths@aqa.org.uk

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