Apply to change your e-AQA centre administrator

To avoid delays we recommend the new centre administrator has an e-AQA account at the school before submitting this form. Existing/outgoing centre administrators can check this on e-AQA via manage access rights. e-AQA is a secure website and is only permissible to staff in your school. You must not share your username or account details with anyone else. Please refer to paragraph 8 of our Terms and Conditions.

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Please supply your personal school email address, generic addresses like exams@ won't be accepted and will cause delays to your request.

Existing/Outgoing centre administrator details

If you are a newly registered centre, please re-enter your email below and type NEW CENTRE in the existing centre administrator name field to continue.

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What happens next?

We will process your request to change the e-AQA centre administrator. This can take up to two working days to complete and e-AQA access may temporarily be unavailable to all registered e-AQA users during this time. Once complete we will send a confirmation email to the new e-AQA centre administrator.

For full details on how your personal information will be used, stored and protected, and how to request further information from AQA, please read our privacy notice.