Specifications that use this resource:

British Library resources


The Shakespeare in Quarto section includes a range of resources about Shakespeare, his plays and his theatre.

The 19th-century novel

The Dickens in Context pages, while not all directly relevant to the two novels on the specification, include a range of texts and videos that can be used to discuss the two set novels and the contexts that surround them.

In the Discovering Literature: Victorians and Romantics section a wide range of resources can be used to support teaching and learning around the 19th-century novel.

The resources in this section are innumerable and include:

Unseen poetry

The Poetry and Performance section includes recordings and discussion of a range of poems that can be used as preparation for Paper 2 Section C Unseen poetry. In addition, there are recordings of some poems from the Poems Past and Present anthology, notably Shelley’s ‘Love’s Philosophy’ and Ozymandias and Browning’s ‘My Last Duchess’.

Other resources include:

a range of resources about the Romantics, including an article introducing the main themes of Romantic poetry

an article that introduces Ozymandias

an article that looks at the manuscript of Blake’s ‘London’