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Endorsement: A real test of skills

A real test of skills

The new specification has attempted to retain some of the strengths of the [old] Specification A which requires students to develop skills in reading and interpreting texts from across the range of English literature, both generically and historically. Many ‘set texts’ specifications and indeed modular degree courses have lost this continuity and this specification attempts to retain that.

The inclusion of unseen materials is a real test of skills and develops independent reading and interpretation which must be a necessity to prepare for successful undergraduate study. The requirement to link texts promotes the skill of making connections which is essential if we are to develop minds rather than memories.

The ability to choose non-exam assessment texts is very welcome as it enables students to read more widely.

I believe that Specification A is the best A-level for English Literature. The current A2 is one of the most rigorous and exciting courses I have ever taught and I am pleased that many aspects of it remain.

Cathi Allison

Head of English, Royal Russell School