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Endorsement: Great deal of choice

Great deal of choice

As a centre we loved AQA's English Literature B because of its modern approach to the subject and its wide range of texts to choose from, which covered both classical and contemporary literature. Visiting alumni returning from university always tell us how well prepared they feel for degree level English because they finished A2 with a critical understanding of a wide range of Literature and perspectives. They also speak about how transferable these skills are to University study.

It is my belief that the new specification of English Literature B maintains this ethos. Again, there is a great deal of choice in terms of texts and genres, and perspectives are modern and relevant, whilst also giving a good grounding in classical traditions. I feel that the specification looks forward whilst maintaining the integrity of the previous English Literature B and that staff and students alike, will benefit from its range and focus.

Anna Hunt

Acting Head of English, Beauchamp College

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