Specifications that use this resource:

Teacher endorsements

Constructive and sensible

The move to a two year, end of course exam has thrown up many challenges and AQA have yet again offered a constructive and sensible response. We can still teach language and literature as a combined course. We can still teach developing skills. We can still use speaking and listening as the basis for learning.

As always, there are packages of on-site support that can be tailored to meet schools’ individual needs, but there are also resource packages, face to face meetings and the development of the popular and useful digital resources as well as a continued support from a team of advisers.

Heather Penny-Larter

English Teacher, Leicestershire

Clear identity

The clear identity of each paper makes it easy to see how we can use the examinations to map out a dynamic and enjoyable curriculum that can be tailored to meet needs and engage.

The structure of the questions on each paper and the way that they are staggered give a nice “lead in” for pupils who would have historically sat a Foundation Tier paper, but the progressive build-up gives ample opportunity for the more able to be stretched and challenged.

Mrs Jo Brennan

Head of English, Warrington

Range of abilities

The specifications are clearly aimed at the full range of abilities with the differentiated style of questioning on the language papers. It's great to see the return of narrative writing too!

Mrs Sarah Mullen

Assistant Headteacher, University Academy, Warrington