Specifications that use this resource:

Command words

Command words are the words and phrases used in exams and other assessment tasks that tell students how they should answer the question.



Occurs before ‘Evaluate’ within the Dialogues section. Here, explanations should be evidence-based and arguments should be supported by evidence and reasons, critically analysed and evaluated. 'Critically' may also invite an examination of an issue from the point of view of a critic with a particular focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the points of view being expressed.

Evaluate (AO2)

Consider several options or arguments and come to a conclusion about their importance/success/worth. The target is for students to discuss different views relevant to the issue, including where appropriate those of scholars or schools of thought, and critically analyse those views. They should make an evaluation based on that reasoning.

Examine (AO1)

Consider carefully and provide a detailed account of the indicated topic. Students should unpack the key ideas offered with reasons and evidence including text/scripture and a diversity of views and/or scholarly opinion where appropriate.