Historic environment sites for 2024

Published: Friday 11 Feb 2022

We're delighted to announce the following specified historic sites for our GCSE History (8145) exams in 2024. These are covered in the historic environment element of the British depth studies in the specification.

2024 historic environment sites:

  • Norman England, c1066—c1100: Wales and the Norman Conquest, c1066—c1100
  • Medieval England, the reign of Edward I, 1272—1307: North Wales during the reign of Edward I, 1272—1307
  • Elizabethan England, c1568—1603: The Americas and Drake’s circumnavigation, 1577—1580
  • Restoration England, 1660—1685: Jamaica and the Restoration, 1660—1685

We've designed this part of the course so you don't need to visit the sites. We’ll be working with partner organisations to create 2024 resource packs for you to use in the classroom, and will be releasing these in September 2022.

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