Unit Award Scheme


In successfully completing this unit, the Learner will have

Evidence needed

demonstrated the ability to

1take turns with one or two other players during board games activitySummary sheet
2match cards to identical symbols or pictures on a lotto based board on at least two occasionsSummary sheet
3match identical number patterns to six when playing dominoes on at least two occasionsSummary sheet
4sign the number of dots showing on a die on at least two occasionsSummary sheet
5move a counter the number of game board spaces shown on the die, supported by an adult signing the number and counting down in signSummary sheet
6add a ‘winner’ symbol to the correct student’s column on a tally chart when a game has been won.Summary sheet

All outcomes recorded on an AQA Summary Sheet

Approved 26 February 2019Level - Pre-Entry Level