Unit Award Scheme


In successfully completing this unit, the Learner will have

Evidence needed

demonstrated the ability to

1read and understand at least three simple words or sentencesSummary sheet
2understand at least one short text on a familiar topic or experienceSummary sheet
3use at least three written words to present informationStudent completed work
4construct at least three simple sentences using full stopsStudent completed work
5spell correctly at least three personal or familiar wordsStudent completed work
6understand the main points of a short explanationSummary sheet
7understand and follow at least three simple instructionsSummary sheet
8respond appropriately to at least three comments or requestsSummary sheet
9make at least three contributions which are understoodSummary sheet
10ask at least three simple questions to obtain specific information.Summary sheet

All outcomes recorded on an AQA Summary Sheet

Approved 26 November 2012Level - Entry Level