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Resource list

Teachers and students may find the links to the resources below useful in their delivery/study of our new AS/A-level in Computer Science.These resources are by no means exhaustive and we'll continue to add further resources.

Many of the resources to support our current GCE Computer Science specification (2510) can also be adapted and reused.


A-Level Computer Science AQA Unit 1, by Kevin Bond, published by Educational Computing Services, ISBN TBC, Available April 2015 (date TBC)

A-Level Computer Science AQA Unit 2, by Kevin Bond, published by Educational Computing Services, ISBN TBC, Available April 2015 (date TBC)

A-level Computing, by Peter Kemp, available on WikiBooks: Wikibooks – AQA A-level Computing

Raspberry Pi Assembly Language (2nd edition) by Bruce Smith, published by Creative Space, ISBN 978-1-4921-3528-9

AS Computer Science AQA Units 1 and 2, by Kevin Bond, published by Educational Computing Services, ISBN TBC, Available April 2015 (date TBC)

AQA Computer Science A-level, by Bob Reeve published by Hodder, ISBN TBC, Available April 2015 (date TBC)

Useful websites

Computing at School – a community of Computing teachers, industry professionals and other interested parties, with an active discussion forum and resource sharing website

Computer Science... without a Computer! – CSUnplugged’s resources on how to teach Computer Science concepts without the need of a computer

CS4FN (Computer Science for Fun) – Website run by Queen Mary College, University of London, produces an online and in print magazine for students and teachers covering a range of Computer Science topics

CSTA – lesson plans and resources relevant to teaching computer science from the American Computer Science Teachers Association

Stack Overflow – 'A language-independent collaboratively edited question and answer site for programmers'

Online Interactive Modules for Teaching Computer Science – animations covering Computer Science concepts, from Virginia Tech

Teaching Materials for computer science teaching – Swiss educational site (site is not in English and may need translating).

What is functional programming? – a teacher guide to functional programming.

Python Programming on YouTube – Python tutor videos with schematic animations

Resources for specific topics

Code and Ciphers Teaching Resources Website – University of Plymouth site with lesson plans, slides, student exercises and further links for a range of cryptographic and coding techniques

Google Turing Machine – simple introduction to Turing Machines

JASP Toolkit – program to teach processor fundamentals, by Brittunculi

JFLAP – Finite State Machine, Turing Machine and Regular Expression simulators produced by Duke University

Learn Programming with Kara – Finite State Machine and Turing Machine simulator

Logic Lab – web based logic gate simulator

Peter Higginson’s LMC – web based Little Man computer simulation that demonstrates the fetch decode execute cycle

RAPTOR – Flowchart based programming language

Smartim – a logic gate simulator (created as part of an A-level project)

W3Schools – Online tutorials for a range of web technologies including JSON and XML

Python tutor videos – Python tutor videos with schematic animations on Logic Gates, Booleen Algebra, Number Systems, Machine Code and many more.

Ethics and AI

Centre for the Study of Existential Risk – University of Cambridge

The Cathedral and the Bazaar – essay on Open Source software development by Eric Raymond

General computer science courses (with video support)

Carnegie Mellon University – Principles of Computing

Harvard University – Free Online Computer Science Course

Stanford University – Coursera, Computer Science 101

Virginia Tech – Introduction to Computer Science


Programming resources


C# Programming – Home and Learn

C# Programming – MSDN

C# Programming – Wikibooks


Java Programming – in BlueJ

Java Programming – Oracle

Java Programming – Wikibooks


Delphi tutorials – Delphi Basics

Pascal tutorial – Tutorialspoint

Pascal and Delphi tutorials – Pascal Programming for Schools


x tutorials – Python official website

x tutorials – Python official website

x tutorial – Dive into Python

x tutorial – Dive into Python

and 3.x code visualisation tool – Python tutor

Programming – Wikibooks

Introduction to Python Scripting for Blender 2.5+ – Blender foundation, for A-level project work

PythonByteSize – Python tutor videos with schematic animations

VB .net

VB.Net tutorial – Tutorialspoint

VB.Net tutorial – Wikibooks

Programming downloads


Microsoft ImagineCut (free version of the IDE – Windows only)

Mono Project (Multiplatform Command line tool)

Mono Develop (Multiplatform IDE)


Netbeans (Multiplatform IDE)

Eclipse downloads (Multiplatform IDE)

Free Java development environment for beginners (Multiplatform IDE designed for education)

Portable Java App


Multiplatform IDE

Delphi Apps builder


Python download (Multiplatform IDE)

Portable Python (Multiplatform IDE)

Python coding in Visual Studio

Python IDE for eclipse

VB .net

Dreamspark2 (for institutional and student licensing – Windows only)

Visual Studio Express (free version of the IDE – Windows only)

Cross platform, open source .NET framework (Multiplatform Command line tool)

Multiplatform IDE